Terpenes 101 – Weeds Kelowna

Terpenes are the molecules for aroma that happen to be present in the essential oils of plants. Most of these essential oils are widely-used in aromatherapy simply because they are found to modulate brain operations and state of mind. Experts today are giving credence to the fact that terpenes have an effect on how marijuana […]

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Weeds Kelowna business cards with rolling filters!

Medical marijuana filters integrated into the business cards Weeds Kelowna now has filters integrated into the business cards. Come check us out today downtown Kelowna. Weeds Kelowna offers a variety of dried marijuana, both sativa and indica and everything in between, a wide variety of cannabis extracts including baked goods, oils, hash and drinks. Weeds […]

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Anxiety

Marijuana for Anxiety Medical marijuana has long been used in treatment of psychiatric disorders like anxiety, mental problems and mood irregularities. All of these medical conditions have an effect on the way a person thinks, feels and acts and also most of these actions will always be adversely affected. The anxiety problems induce an intense […]

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